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MARKOPOL Marcin Konkel en


Plate Bending

Hydraulic press bending machine GILARDI 160.40

Hydraulic press bending machine GILARDI MOD. ITALY 250.40 HIS

Pipe bending

MACKMA BMA76NC2 Electric mandrel pipe bending machine. We have tools to bend stainless steel pipes.

Drilling / tapping

FANAR Pneumatic tapping machine tapping metric thread up to M16 precisely and quickly. There is also a possibility to tap a inch standard threads.


KALTENBACH HSS circular blade saw for cold sawing square and round profiles. Maximum sawing cross-section range: 120 mm at full angle range.


Several fully equipped stainless steel TIG and MIG welding stations.


Hydraulic 4-Roll Plate Bending Machine AKYAPAK: maximum width of rolled sheets 2500 mm, maximum thickness of rolled sheets 8 mm. Electric Sheet Bending Rolls: length 2000 mm, maximum material thickness 8 mm, length 1000 mm, maximum material thickness 2 mm.

Ceramic blasting

Abrasive blasting of stainless steel using a ceramic abrasive material. Maximum length of the blasted element: 6000 mm.

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